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I'm Marc Sawaya, an art director and graphic designer with experience in branding, motion graphics, advertising, data & interface design.
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Everette's is a bar-restaurant with a kitchen open all day, non-stop.
Elevate your beauty experience with Alsn. Your go-to destination for vegan skincare and makeup essentials.
A dynamic visual effects studio, shaping the future of innovation in both film and software development.
Triple WP
A new application that simplifies the user experience of developing a website within Wordpress
Data Design
May I Have Your Attention
Smartphones provide constant access to information, entertainment, and interpersonal connections. Their effortless access to a vast wealth of knowledge and instant global connectivity has rendered them an indispensable tool. Yet, despite their tremendous potential and positive influence, we grapple with the repercussions of our dependence on them. They offer access to boundless information, but in return, they demand our attention. These devices have seamlessly woven themselves into our daily existence, cultivating needs that unknowingly divert our focus. Through meticulously crafted and intricate stimuli, they engage our senses, impacting us on both cognitive and emotional levels.
Explore a data exhibition shedding light on the erosion of our attention and the hijacking of our awareness, all driven by the relentless overstimulation of our senses through smartphones. By delving into the realms of sight, sound, and touch, these devices have the power to dominate both our conscious and subconscious minds, often leaving us distracted and detached from the authentic essence of life, hindering our ability to be fully present and relish each precious moment.
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